Our Christmas boxes

A Christmas where everything is important. From “the assemblers” of the gifts to the way they are “wrapped”, to the smile of those who receive them.

A gift that feeds our body and soul with the most nurturing energies is always the best gift.


Christmas catalogue HERE


How to buy


Are you an active farm box client?

  • and you want to receive the Christmas boxes at your usual address?

Place your order at our online store, choose the Christmas tab.


  • and want to receive the Christmas boxes in a different address?

Place your order a the online grocery store. Selecting this option and because the delivery will be made in a different address, we’ll charge an additional fee.


Not an active fresh produce box client?

Make your purchase at our online grocery store.


If you need any help placing your order at https://mercearia.quintadoarneiro.pt/ , (only available in Portuguese) let us know. aquinta@quintadoarneiro.pt or +351 9179 950 10