How can I order?

Make sure your delivery address is included in our distribution zones.
Delivery will be made to the address you give us: it can be at home, at work or at another address (Distribution zones).

If none of your addresses are within our distribution zones, be sure to contact us, together we will find a different solution.

If that’s not at all possible, please leave us your details, we will contact you as soon as the opportunity arises for us to start distribution in your area.

Choose the box that best suits you

Standard Box – For those who like surprises or prefer not to have to worry about orders. It’s an automatic box (you can choose weekly or fortnightly deliveries). The content is chosen based on what is available in the vegetable garden. The products are mostly produced on the Farm. This is the box sent by default. See HERE this week’s boxes contents (link to Standard Boxes)

You don’t want to receive the Automatic/Standard Box? You can cancel automatic deliveries in your profile settings.


Custom Box – For those who prefer to choose product by product. You only receive it when you order.


a) Standard Box

Small, Medium or Large Box, three sizes of boxes that fit different needs/families. The funny thing about the automatic box is that most likely you will receive products that you would never choose and that will challenge you in the kitchen. When registering we will ask you to choose one of the three boxes. If you don’t tell us otherwise, this is the box you’ll get. You can change your choice at any time.

b) Standard Basket with changes
You can change up to two products in your Standard Box as long as you keep the value of the box. Choose the products you want to replace in the online shop.

c) Custom Box
If your needs don’t fit the ‘Standard Box’ or if you like to vary, you can always opt for a custom box. This order is exclusive for the week in question.

Making your custom order is very simple and even fun. You may discover veggies you don’t know or remember, others that don’t normally come into your daily meals. Go to the Online Shop and choose. The minimum order is 30.00 euros.

Choose how often you receive your box

When you make your registration you can select weekly or biweekly orders.

When you register you can choose between weekly or fortnightly deliveries.
To always have fresh products at home nothing like receiving them every week. Our vegetable garden depends on regular orders, which is why it is so important for us to keep our customers happy. It is a forecast, as real as possible, that allows us to plan crops and avoid surpluses. Working with fresh products and a slow growth cycle is a huge challenge. These are products that cannot be stored on a shelf.
And after all, in a balanced diet, fruit and vegetables should be consumed daily and the more the better.

How do I cancel deliveries?

Of course, we don’t want your fridge to be crammed full of products you can’t use. You always have the option to skip one or more weeks, just do it in time. There are two ways of going about this.

a) Cancel only for the week that is about to start: By clicking on the “I don’t want to receive a box this week” link in the newsletter you always receive on Thursday.

b) Cancel for longer periods: for example when you go on holiday or for any other reason. You have a calendar in your profile settings where you can manage deliveries. Cancel or reactivate as per your needs.

It is very important that cancellations are made within the same time period as orders.


How to make the first order?

a) When you add a box (or a product) to your basket, we will ask you:

If you are already a customer or if this is your first order. If it is your first order we will ask you to provide us with the information we need to open a customer file.

Delivery Zone; Name; Mobile Number; VAT number; Email; Billing Address; Delivery Address (if different from billing address);

How to get there, if it is difficult to find your house (in which case it is best to leave the coordinates);

What to do when no one is at home (an alternative such as: leave it on the landing in front of the door; leave it in a shop next to the house; ring at the neighbour’s who is always at home; leave us a key to the gate or door… there is always a solution).

Delivery frequency: Weekly or fortnightly;

Choose the Standard Box size: Small, Medium or Large;

IBAN: for Direct Debit activation.

Keep your password so you can access your customer area, where you can change your registration details, password and manage deliveries on the “Cancellation of automatic boxes” tab. You also have access to your invoices on the tab “My Orders “.

b) Now, with your data already registered, you can choose the box you want for that week.
Any change you make deletes the data you initially left on your register. If for example you chose a medium box but that week you prefer a small box or a custom box, just go to the website and place the order. The automatic order shall be cancelled immediately.

c) Choice of products

Standard Box: You only have to access the website if you want to replace up to two products in the box or order a box of a different size than the one recorded in your profile.

Custom Box: Add the products to the box, you can increase or decrease quantities by pressing the + and buttons –
You will have to choose the ‘allowed’ quantities. For example, carrots only have multiples of 500gr, arugula 100gr etc. The correspondent Units in Kg are always presented. If you change your mind, you can remove products before you finish.

d) Check your order in the right-hand bar and finalise it.

When you finish your order you will read this message “And now your order is complete and has arrived at the Farm.”

Every time you place an order, you will receive an email confirming the order. If you did not receive the confirmation email, your order has not been completed. Call us or email us immediately.

What is the deadline for placing an order?

a) The first order can be placed at any time.

b) From the second order the time limits are essential. 
Tuesday and Wednesday customers – You can send your order until 7.30am on Monday morning.
Thursday and Friday customers – You can send your order until 7.30am on Wednesday morning.

Attention – Very Important!
For the proper operation of our service, we ask our customers to meet these deadlines. We look forward to your understanding, as we are unable to accept orders or withdrawals after the deadline. If by the deadline we have not received your order or your withdrawal (and the week is active) we will deliver the Standard Box.

It is important to always bear in mind that we are talking about fresh products and that waiting beyond the deadline implies placing our orders after hours, which makes life more difficult in the field and for our suppliers, who also have timings to meet.


After placing the order, will I will receive all the products?

Product shortages
This is undoubtedly our greatest ‘distress’ and it is true that, it can happen. There may be several reasons. It is difficult to work with fresh products and sometimes last minute mishaps happen, either because some products arrive in bad condition or because the supplier has run out of stock. It may also happen that we are unable to forecast sales exactly in relation to the quantities we have in the field, or even that there is a shortfall due to production problems, bad weather, a pest… we must not forget that these are ‘live’ products!
Very important: in Standard Boxes, whenever there is a lack of one of the products that are part of it, it will be replaced by a similar one or one that can be used for the same purpose.

In standard boxes there may be small variations in weight.
We do our best to always send the quantity we indicate. If, for example, the list for the week’s box includes 1 kg of courgettes, some boxes will naturally contain 1.1 kg and others 0.9 kg, because it is not possible to get the weight right. However, the following week the opposite may happen. We don’t think anyone will be penalised, but if for consecutive weeks you find you are receiving less weight, please be sure to let us know. It might just be bad luck and we will make it up to you.

What if a product arrives damaged or is missing?
Since we deal with fresh products, and despite all the care we take when preparing your box and all the efforts we make so that the products you receive are of excellent quality, there may be one or another product that does not arrive in the best conditions at your home. All you have to do is send us an email (with a photo if possible so we can show it in the warehouse to alert them to this fact) and we will immediately credit you. The same happens if any product is missing.

How do I pay?

How are payments processed?

Payment is made by Direct Debit.
You just have to put your IBAN in the corresponding field in your customer profile, the rest we take care of.
We send the file with the invoices of all boxes delivered during the week to the bank weekly (every Friday). Then payment is handled between both our banks.

The charge is always made on the Monday following the delivery date of the box. Unlike most direct debits, in our case, you only pay if you receive a box and only after you receive it. This is the form of payment we prefer because it is easy, fast and the customer does not need to worry. It’s one thing less to solve every week.

And the packaging, do we have to pay for it?

Your order will be delivered in a beautiful wooden box that will cost you 0.80 euros and 0.80 euros to us (per box). Our distributors will collect the boxes if they can be reused.

If we collect them, why do we charge this amount? Because the collection of the boxes entails costs: collection, loading, cleaning and selection (there are many that are not reusable).

Why do we use this system? Because we are aware that the environmental value of reuse is always much greater than its cost. As in many other decisions already made, we always have this equation in mind and the assurance our wonderful customers’ support.

How are deliveries made?

Do you always have to be home?

It is very important that the act of receiving the box is a pleasure and not a cause for stress. As such, it is essential that the delivery can be made even if no one is home. Most of our deliveries are made during times when most of our customers are not at home. So how do we do it? Just give us an alternative. On the landing of the stairs, in a garage, at the neighbour, with the doorman… anyway, there is always an alternative and if it is difficult for you to find one, call us and we will find it together.

Why isn't there a specific time to get the box?

It is impossible to give a specific time with no mistake.
The delivery time depends on many factors: the time we leave the Farm, how many boxes we have to deliver that day, how the traffic is, if it’s raining or not, if the deliveries up to your house went well… so we do not promise the time, we only promise that we will do our best to always arrive around the same time.

Why can't I choose the day and time of delivery?

Imagine what it would be like to have to make a delivery in Carcavelos at 6pm on a Wednesday and another one in Telheiras at 6.15pm and in Cascais at 6.30pm – impossible, right? The stress would be huge, the cost of delivery unaffordable, the cost to the environment enormous and we would not succeed on a daily basis.

My order has not arrived yet!

There may be delays, but if you’re worried about needing the vegetables for dinner you can always call the driver. Please only do this if it’s really urgent because the phone calls will slow him down even more. If he’s not answering, he’s driving.

What is the delivery cost?

The delivery is free.

I've already placed my first order, and now what?

From the moment I am already a customer, how should I proceed?

  •  Access your Customer Area using your email address and password.
  • Place your order.
  • At the end of the order, you can leave any comments you feel are necessary.
  • After confirming your order and seeing the message “Your order has been submitted successfully”, you will receive a confirmation email (if you do not receive this email please call us).

Your order is placed and now you just have to wait for the box.

In custom boxes the total value of the order, although approximate, may not correspond exactly to the invoice value. There are always weight adjustments to be made.

Do I have to check my personal profile every week?

No, of course not. If you have chosen to receive the Standard Box and do not need to make any changes, you do not have to do anything. Just wait until it arrives 🙂

If you want to place a custom order then yes, you will have to do so.

Discounts and Partnerships

Is it possible to have discounts on boxes?

Of course, and there are several:

A friend/ a neighbour
Recommending a friend or neighbour to be our client is certainly a token of affection. After all, suggesting someone to receive a weekly box of organic fruit and vegetables at home is to offer health. So don’t be shy and spread the word with your neighbours and friends.

On the 4th box ordered by your friend/neighbour we will offer one to you (corresponding to the value of your Standard Box).

Don’t forget to ask your friend to tell us that they heard about us from you by leaving your phone number when registering.

Being a partner or member of one of our partners
We have some partnerships and we are always available to make many more.
Discounts for partners or members of:

  • APFN (Portuguese Association of Large Families)
  • ACP (Automobile Club of Portugal)
  • Portuguese Vegetarian Association

Among others… See all here
5% discount on boxes between 30 and 50 euros
10% discount on boxes over 50 euros

Please note: These discounts are not cumulative

If you are an employee of one of the companies with which we have protocols
If your company has a protocol with Quinta do Arneiro, you have a 5% discount on boxes worth between 30 and 50 euros and 10% discount on boxes over 50 euros.

See if your company already has a protocol with us: Companies

About the products

Are all products organic and certified?

Yes, the products all come from certified organic production without any exception. Our goal is that most of the products that go in the box are from our vegetable garden.

However, we can’t produce them all because we don’t have the land or climate for them to grow with quality or simply because we don’t have the capacity to focus on more products. For all those that are not produced by us we try to find national producers.

At the moment we work with several and we know them all well. It is very important for us to have good suppliers, who enjoy working with us and for this it is essential that we meet deadlines. For us to be able to meet deadlines it is essential that our customers meet them as well.

The certifier of Quinta do Arneiro is SATIVA. All our suppliers are equally certified.

It is very important to stress that there are no organic products without a certificate. If they are not certified they are not organic and there is no exception to this rule.

Can there exceptionally be some products without certification?


And how can I be absolutely sure that it is true and that all these products are actually produced in compliance with these rules?

Just as we can be sure of what people tell us in all other areas.

But are the products grown by small farmers also organic?

No. Many people confuse organic production with production done by small farmers or in an artisanal way. The term ‘organic’ may only be used in production which is subject to regular checks and follows strict rules. Organic production is above all production without the use of synthetic chemicals, and this is the main and most important characteristic that differentiates it, but it is also carried out in a professional manner, respecting the rules laid down in the European Union’s Organic Farming Regulation, Regulations (EC) No. 834/2007 and 889/2008 and their amendments.

Are all the products Portuguese?

Portuguese products are always our first choice.

Our choice is always made in the following order: 1st Products from the Farm, 2nd of local producers, 3rd of national producers

And imported products, only as a last resort.

The price at which we buy is not a variable that makes us choose imported products over national ones. We are glad to be able to pay the fair price to our partners.

What if I always want to opt for Portuguese products?

All you need to do when placing your order is to look at each item’s specifications to see where it comes from and make your choice based on that criterion. In summer it is very easy, during the colder weather it will be more difficult, but not impossible!

Why did we put processed products in our shop too?

Processed Products from the Farm
When we started producing, we were faced with inevitable surpluses at production peaks. We started by buying some pigs to eat the surplus, but if there are products such as courgettes that don’t have much of a processing margin, there are others such as tomatoes or strawberries that we thought were a waste not to use them for processing. These products have been so well received that we have been increasing our range. For those who do not like or do not have time to cook it is an excellent option.

Other shop products
We thought it made sense to add to our fresh and processed products, other products that are part of everyday life in the kitchen. For all of them, we search for the best producers and projects that deserve to be cherished. Here we include, for example, eggs, olive oil, pulses, wine, mushrooms…

Can't find the answer to your question?

We created this website to make placing your order as easy as possible. But sometimes there is nothing like talking to someone on the phone and clarifying all your questions directly.
Our team is available to listen to you whenever you feel the need.

Bruna – / +351 912 982 220

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