How to place an order?

How can I know where you deliever?

Begin by seeing if the delivery address (which may be your house ou another location, for instance, your job, the house of a relative or friend etc.) is in one of our distribution areas.

If none of your available delivery addresses is inside our distribution areas, try to contact us, as there can always be an alternative solution. If you can provide us with your information, as soon as we start to deliver in your area we will contact you.

Choose the box that best fits you and your needs

a)     Box of the week

You can choose between small, medium or large box – 3 sizes for different needs. If you choose to receive a Box of the week, regarding the size, you don’t have do anything. We will choose the content every week according to what we have growing in our garden. After registering we will ask you to choose one of the sizes of the boxes and as long you don’t indicate the contrary, we will receive that box at your home. You can change the box size or the frequency at any time.

b)     Box of the week with alterations

You can eliminate up to two products in your Box of the week as long as the price of the box remains unaltered. To do this, you can add other products by going on the online store.

c)      Customized Box

If your needs aren’t met by any of your weekly boxes or if in a giver week you are throwing a big lunch at home and you need some extra products, you can choose for a customized box.

Making a customized order is very simple and honestly kind of fun! You might discover some new veggies you have never heard about or be reminded of some that usually have no place I your regular meals. Just go on the Online Store and pick whatever catches your eye. The minimum order for a customized box is 25,00€.

Choose your basket frequency

When you make your registration you can select weekly or biweekly orders.

If you wish to have fresh products at home every week nothing better than receive our boxes every week. This will help a lot to our vegetable garden because it will aid the crops planning and avoid surpluses. And if we know how many boxes, we will need we also can program better the orders to our suppliers. The main point is: be able to plan it’s very important when we are talking about product with a slow growing cycle and that can’t be storage in a shell. And in the end, for a balanced diet, vegetables and fruit must be consumed regularly and more the better.

How to cancel orders?

Of course, we don’t want your frigid overflowed with products that you can’t use. You always have the choice of skipping a week or more… you only need to do it with time.

If in a certain week or period you don’t wish to received your box:
You can cancel for one week:
Please click in the link “esta semana não quero receber cabaz” that it’s in the Newsletter that you receive every Thursday.

You can cancel for longer periods of time (when you go on holidays… travelling for work… the reason we don’t need to know)

  • Use the cancelation calendar you have available at the website in your personal area

Because we start to organize our box with anticipation it’s very important that your cancelation is confirmed with us at the same time you should be doing your order.


How to make the 1st purchase?

a) When you add a box (or product) to your shop basket, we will ask if you are a client or if it’s your first order. If you want to be a client we will ask to give us some details we need to open a client file.

Delivery zone; Name; Phone number; VAT number; E-mail; Password; Address; Delivery address (if it isn’t the same of the invoice); how to get your house, in case it’s hard to find; what to do if it’s no one home. In this case you should give us an alternative – example: leave the box at my front door of my apartment, and in this situation you will need to tell us how can we get in into your building; leave the box at the shop next door; ring my neighbor that is always home; give us your home or gate key… well there is always a solution.

Delivery frequency: weekly or biweekly; Type of box of the week: Small, Medium or Large.

IBAN: for debit activation.

Every data you gave us will be processed according all the privacy rules required by law regarding the availability of data online.
Please remember your password to allow you to access your client area, where you can change your details, password or manage your orders in the area “cancelations”.

b) Now with all your details register, you can choose the box you wish for the first order.
Any alteration done by you will be saved regardless the choice you made in the registration. For example: you picked a medium box but in a certain week you wish to receive a small box, you only need to access the website and make the order. The automatic order it will be canceled

c) Choose your box (of the week or personalized) 
Box of the week you only need to choose the size. You also can replace up until 2 products. If you want more products please access the online store.
Personalized box you will adding products of your choice and you can also increase or decrease the quantities by clicking in + or –
You will need to choose the “permitted” quantities. As an example: carrots you only have multiples of 500gr. In every product you can check the match between units and kg. If you change your mind you can remove products.

d) Check the order in the bar on the right and finalize.
You going to read this message: “And now your order is done and arrive at the Quinta do Arneiro.”, and you will receive a confirmation of the order on your e-mail.

What's the deadline to place an order?

a) Your 1st order could be done at any time

b) After the 1st the deadlines are very important

Customers who we deliver to on Tuesdays and Wednesdays – Can place the order by 07:30 am on Monday.
Customers who we deliver to on Thursdays and Fridays – Can place the order by 07:30 am on Wednesday.
Customers who we deliver to on Saturdays – Can place the order by 07:30 am on Thursday.

If on the set deadlines there is no new information from the customers, we will send the week’s Farm Basket. The same deadlines are to be followed in case you
want to quit or services.

Very important!
To make sure we have the best service possible we ask our clients to respect the deadlines and not get mad with us for not accepted orders or cancelations after the normal limits. If by the end of the limit to order we don’t have yours, we will deliver a “Box of the Week”. Please note that we are talking about fresh products and if we accept orders/cancelations after the deadline it will interfere with the work at the field and our provides, that also have their own timings to fulfill. And this situation also can create stock ruptures in some products that can harm the other clients.


After placing the order am I certain to receive all the products I am hoping for?

Product failures

Not achieving to send the full order is, with no doubt, our main concern and sadly it occurs more often that we would like. There can be a variety of reasons. One
of our difficulties delivering organic baskets is that we work with fresh products and for that reason there can occasionally occur problems regarding those same
products. They can be delivered to us damaged in some way or our supplier might not have the quantities of the products we need. It might also occur in our
production. We might not be able to foresee the sales in correspondence to the quantities of crops we are growing. It can also occur a problem with the crops…  After all, we can’t forget that we are working with “living” products!

Very Important: if you don’t  inform us otherwise and if you are missing products in your basket, we will replace them for another identical product whenever
possible. Eg: we can replace a variety of apple for another, or a potato for another, but of course we won’t replace apples for oranges or carrots for eggplants. In the Farm Baskets, having a stock break in some of the products, they will be replaced for identical ones or products that might serve the same purpose.

Are the quantities/Kg always exact?

We do everything in our means to send the quantities indicated. If, for example, on the list of the products in the basket for that week indicates 1 Kg of zucchini, it
is natural that in some orders it is sent 1,1Kg and in others 0,9Kg because  it’s difficult to achieve the exact weight. However in the next week the opposite may
occur. If in consecutive weeks it seems as if you are getting less quantity of some products than the usual, please let us know. It might be a misfortune and we will
try to compensate you in the next deliveries.

What about if we receive any damaged product in the basket or if there is a product missing?
When it comes to fresh products, and although we are very careful when making every single basket and all the efforts we make for all the products you receive
are of an excelent quality it is possible that now and then a product doesn’t arrive in the best conditions. All we ask you to do is to contact us by email or by
telephone informing us of our error and we will send another one in the next order as replacement, or, in case you prefer, we will give you a discount of the same
value in the next order. If there is any product missing send us an email and we will send it in the next basket.


How can I make the payment?

The payment is made by direct debit weekly on Friday. If there is any error on the bill that implies credit it will be repaired in the next bill.
In the first month or until the direct debit is available, the payment will be made by bank transfer.

Is there another way to make the payment?

It was very important for us to implement the direct debit as the preferential way of payment, not only so that we can receive the payment as fast as possible,
but also, because of the difficulty and delay on checking the payments. It is our preference to spend our time on a more productive kind of work. It is our
understanding that there are some people reluctant to use direct debit because it seems as if you are losing control of your payments. The payment by direct
debit in this case doesn’t imply fidelity and you will only pay for the baskets you purchase. That will only be charged after they arrive to the customer.
Furthermore, it is very important to point out that direct debit payments are extremely safe. If eventually there would be a mistake from our part, the client has 45 days to ask for the devolution of the payment without having to give any satisfactions to us or the bank.

In case it is completely impossible for you to make the payment by direct debit contact us and we will try to find a solution.

What about the packaging, do we have to pay for it?

Once the COVID turn up we had to do some changes here at the Farm and in the deliveries system… and unfortunately, we had to lay aside our wonderful wooden boxes for safety reasons. It’s not possible to collect then without mixing the collect ones and the “new” ones. For this reason and as long we don’t find a better solution (which we are working on) we will have to charged you every paper box you receive.

We are very aware of the waste of energy and materials this causes but we need to be sure that we did everything we could to not put in any kind of danger our clients and our distributers.


Is it necessary to have people home at the time of the delivery?


It is very important for us that, for the client, the act of receiving the basket is a pleasure and not a stressful thing. Therefore, it is essential that the delivery can be made independently of someone being there to receive it. Most of our deliveries are made at a time that our customers aren’t at home. It is only important that you provide us with an alternative. Maybe on the stairs porch, in a garage, with a neighbor, with the doorman… there is always an alternative, if you’re having trouble finding one, contact us and we will try to help.

Why isn't there a steady time to receive the basket?

It is impossible to give you the right time of the delivery without putting ourselves at risk of failing. The delivery time is dependent on a lot of factors: the time we leave the farm, how many orders do we have to deliver that day, the traffic conditions, if it’s raining or not, if the deliveries before arriving your house went smoothly… for those reasons we can’t give you a steady time. We can only promise to try to arrive always around the same time.

Why can't I choose the day and the hour in which I receive the basket?

Imagine what it would be like if we had to make a delivery in Carcavelos at 18h on a Wednesday another in Telheiras at 18h15 and yet another one in Cascais at 18h30. Quite impossible isn’t it ? The amount of stress would be enormous as it would be the impact on the environment, the cost of delivery unaffordable and
there would be a big amount of daily failures.

My order hasn't arrived yet!

There is a possibility that a delay will occur but if you are concerned because you need the vegetables for dinner then contact our delivery man. But please only contact him if it is urgent as the calls will only cause more delay. If he doesn’t answer it will be because he is driving.

What's the cost of delivery?

There is no cost of delivery.

Being a client

From the time I become a client, how should I proceed:

  • Access your profile by using your email address and your password.
  • Place your order
  • After placing the order, make the observations you feel are necessary.
  • After confirming the order, logout.
  • Your order is now made and you just have to wait for the basket to arrive.

Do I have to login every week?
No, if you option to receive the Farm Basket you don’t have to make any  alterations. You just have to wait for the basket to arrive. If, on the other hand, you would like to make a personalized order then yes you will have to login every week.

Do I have to place an order every week?
No. When you register you can choose the frequency of delivery: weekly or fortnightly. However, so you can always have fresh  products, it’s always an improvement if you receive a basket every week. It would be very helpful for us if you did so. It will help us to plan our crops and to avoid surplus. If we know how many baskets to count on, we can program our orders to the suppliers. In short, being enable to plan is extremely  important when it comes to fresh products with a slow cycle of growth. And after all, in a balanced diet fruit and vegetables should be consumed daily. But of course you can skip a week or more, just let us now.

What do I do if in a certain week I don’t want to place an order?
You can just contact us sending an email to; by telephone, calling the number 261 961 219 or by text message to the number 912 982 220.
As we start to work on your order ahead (because we have to order the products we don’t grow) it’s very important for us that your waiver come to us on the
same deadline that your order should.

Do I need to log in to my personal account every week?

No, of course not. If you choose to receipt the Box of the Week you don’t need to do any alterarion. You only need to wait for your order to arrive :- )

If you wish to make a personalized order you will need to log in.

Discounts and partnerships

Is there any way to have a discount on the purchase?

Of course and more than one:

A friend/ a neighbor
If you advise your friend or neighbor to be a client  it is considered a display of affection. After all, suggesting someone to receive weekly at home a basket filled with organic fruit and vegetables is offering health. So don’t be shy and make a campaign amongst your neighbors and friends that live near you (in a 1km radius) and every 4th basket ordered by your friend/neighbor we offer you one (of the value of your Farm Basket).

Don’t forget to inform us every time a friend becomes a customer of ours.

Partner client
When being a partner client you will subscribe to receive in your house the baskets of 3 or more friends/neighbors. For your collaboration and to help us save fuel and time, we will offer you 5% discount.

Being a member or an associate of one of our partners
We have some partnerships and are available to establish many more.

Discounts for members of these association.

5% discount in baskets costing between 30€ and 50€
10% discount in baskets with a value superior to 50€

Attention: You can not accumulate these discounts

If you’re a collaborator of one of the companies with whom we have protocols. You can receive you basket in your work place as long as the company in which
you work as a protocol with Quinta do Arneiro and enjoy those same discounts.

We have protocols with these companies.


Are all products organic and certified?

Yes, all of our products are certified organic products. Our goal is that the majority of products in the basket are from our own production.

But since we can’t produce every product we would like, because we don’t have the space or the climate for them to grow properly, or simply don’t have the
ability to give the attention needed to more products, for the products we can’t produce we try to find national suppliers.

At the moment we work with various suppliers and know them all by name. It is very important for us to work with excellent suppliers, that enjoy working with
us and for that it is essential to keep the deadlines.
For us to maintain our suppliers, we must also keep our clients them it is imperative that our clients do it as well.

Quinta do Arneiro’s certifier is SATIVA. All our suppliers are equally certified.

Can there be any exception?


How can I be 100% sure that products are grown by these rules?

In the same way we can be sure of what they tell us in all other areas.

Are the products grown by small farmers organic as well?

No. Many people confuses organic production with production done by small farmers. The word organic can only be used in productions that are regularly controlled and that have to follow very strict rules. Organic farming is mainly a production made without chemicals, and that is the main and most important characteristic that sets it apart, but it is also made in a very professional way respecting the constant rules of the communitarian regulation for Organic Farming. Regulations (CE) nº834/2007 and 889/2008 and its alterations.

Are they all portuguese?

The national products are always our first option, and not only now that the time requires it but it is also a principal of ours since the beginning. When we started, it was our intention not to buy imported products, which has become impossible. The production in Portugal is very small, the same also happens in conventional
farming and, unfortunately, there comes a time of the year that there are not potatoes, carrots, onions,… and how is it possible to fulfil weekly orders without these products?

What if I always want to choose portuguese products?

When doing your order, just check every products file to see where it comes from and make your choice by this  criteria. In the summer it’s a lot easier, during cold weather it’s a bit more difficult, but not impossible.

Why have we added the grocery store products in our store?

Farm’s grocery store

When we began producing we came across inevitable surplus in production peaks. We began by buying pigs to eat the surplus but if there is products like zucchini that don’t have much transforming margin there are others like tomatoes or strawberrys that we believe it would be a waste not to seize to transform. With that purpose, we decided to license the farm’s kitchen and begin to do some products and then emerged more and more products. And these are the ones you can find in the Farm’s grocery store.

Grocery Store

Since we can’t live only from fruit and vegetables and we know that the access to organic groceries is difficult to find, we began with organic products such as eggs, flour, etc… but our intention is to increase our offer with other products.

Aren't able to find an answer to your question?


We built this website to make the submission of your order as easy as possible. But sometimes there is nothing better than talking on the phone our clarify your
doubts personally.
Our team is entirely available to help you whenever we feel is necessary.

Box’s clients:

Bruna – / 912982220 ou 261961219

If you have any questions or doubts please call us: 261961219