The field

QUINTA DO ARNEIRO is at West region, in Mafra county, at Azueira parish, a region of agriculture per excellence. Here both vegetables and fruit farms of Rocha pear are the crops with the most expression. Our Farm is at the family since 1967, revolutionizing at that time, the agriculture in the region by planting 30 ha of Rocha pear orchards. In 2007 started a new stage: the conversion of the first hectare of vegetables to organic production.

In 2009, two years after, we had the first production and luckily, we have been growing some much in such a little time that it seems we started a long time ago…

In August of 2011 we inaugurate the packing warehouse and in October we had the first production of our first greenhouse of 1000 m2. In January of 2012 we built another greenhouse of 1500 m2 and after a while even this one was enough… so in December of 2013 we started the construction of another that duplicated our space to produce: by this time, we had 5000 m2 of covered area.

By 2015 we had a total of 8 ha of certified organic production and we started the requalification of another warehouse to be able to offer to our clients a space where they are able to taste our vegetables, do some workshops and courses related to topics such as alimentation, good agriculture practices and sustainability.

In 2016 we extended the area to 11 ha and, finally, and we say finally because it was something we dreamed and wanted so much, we opened a marvelous space to receive you.

O Restaurante da Quinta, a Academia e a Mercearia.

This is the place where we want to welcome every friend, where every detail was thought to make who is visiting us feels like home. Where the smells and flavors that come from our kitchen are amazing and simple, as the vegetables and fruits that come from the gardens. Where every ingredient used are organic without any exception. Where it will happen a lot of lunches and dinners and where you are invited to come and enjoy. Come and let you be at the same pace as the nature.

This is the place where you can organize a company meeting, a party with friends… a place where you going to talk about vegetables from de seed to your plate, in a lot of workshops or courses. A place where you can buy all the products that come from our fields and so on…

We still have 18 ha of Rocha pear orchards in integrated production and a lot of aim to convert it all in organic production.

Happily, we keep growing the number of clients year after year. Every Saturday we go to the city to sell our products at the Organic Markets at Principe Real, Campo Pequeno and Cascais. We welcome groups and schools for guide visiting. In 8 years, we rise the number of jobs from 4 to 33 and the result of our hard work, dedication, will and stubbornness we have been overcoming numerous obstacles and making grow a company that every day makes us feel that everything was worth it.

And is a big joy to know that we make so many families to change their food habits, to initiating the consumption of organic products, to be more concerned and conscient about the environment. So many kids trying their first raw vegetables for the first time… and its ours.

E é uma enorme alegria sabermos que levámos tantas famílias a mudar os hábitos alimentares, a iniciarem-se no consumo de produtos biológicos, a ficarem mais atentas e preocupadas com o meio ambiente. Tantas crianças a experimentar legumes crus pela primeira vez.


This is a family project that wouldn’t be possible without the help of the ones who work here. We are proud of what is made. And we still have a lot to do. We work for the day we say “Mission accomplished” never comes…