QUINTA DO ARNEIRO is located in the West region, municipality of Mafra, parish of Azueira, a region of agriculture par excellence. Where vegetables and Rocha pear orchards are among the most important crops.

The Farm has been in the family since 1967. After revolutionising agriculture in the region with the planting of 30 ha of Rocha pear orchards, in 2007 it entered a new phase, starting the conversion of the first hectare of vegetables to organic production.

Two years later, in 2009, we had our first (mini) production. Fortunately we have been growing in a sustained way. It’s been very intense years, a lot of work.

In August 2011 we started the rehabilitation of the Farm’s first building. It was the first of many works that followed and are not yet concluded. We renovated one of the buildings, converted it into a packing warehouse. Also in 2011 we started production in our first greenhouse of 1000 m2.

In January 2012 the second greenhouse was ready, this time with 1500 m2, and how good it was to see that some time later the greenhouse area was already becoming small.

In December 2013 we started the third greenhouse that doubled the space. We now have 5000 m2 of covered area.

In 2015 we already had a total area of 6 ha in certified organic production.
Also in 2015 we started the rehabilitation of another warehouse, this time to create a space where we could receive all those who want to come and visit us.

In 2016 we increased the outdoor area to 8 ha and finally, and I say finally because it was a much dreamed of, much desired step, we opened a wonderful space to welcome you. A space where the whole Farm is present.

The Quinta´s Restaurant, the Academia and the Farm Shop.

We chose the date of 13 June 2016, Saint Anthony’s day, to inaugurate the Farm Restaurant, the Academy and the Grocery Shop.

Where we want to welcome all our friends, where every detail has been thought through so that those who visit us can feel at home. Where the smells and flavours that come out of the kitchen are as fantastic as they are simple, just like the vegetables and fruit that come from the fields. Where all ingredients used are organic without exception. Where many lunches and dinners will take place and we invite you all to come, enjoy and get involved.

Where company meetings can be held, parties with friends… where talks will be held about the life of vegetables from seed to plate, in many workshops or more in-depth courses.

In 2018 we started operating our production kitchen. That’s where the soups, biscuits, sauces, jams, compotes, marmalades and so much more come from…

2020 was the year of total turnaround. A start was made on the conversion to Organic Production of the remaining area of the Farm, which until then had had Rocha pear orchards under integrated production. The decision to uproot the orchards was taken at some emotional cost. If on the one hand it made perfect sense, after 10 years, to have the total area of the Farm in Organic Production, on the other hand they were pear trees that gave us so much in their 30 or more years of life.

Also in 2020 we inaugurated the new warehouse for packaging. Another rehabilitated building! We have equipped the warehouse area with two more cold storage rooms; we have created a new canteen and social area for employees. And, because the warehouse had a ceiling height that could hold another floor, we created another floor. It’s there, waiting for us to use it… there’s no shortage of ideas.

Still in 2020 and next to the warehouse, the new grocery shop was born (until then very small, next to the restaurant). Now in a larger space, where you can find all the products from the vegetable garden, but also all the processed products from the production kitchen, as well as other products from people who continue to stubbornly do it well, maintaining the artisanal processes.

In 2022 we started our Agroforestry or Regenerative Agriculture project, with the planting of the first hectare. Just as 11 years ago we started the conversion to Organic Production and moved forward step by step, I believe the same will happen now. Soil regeneration goes far beyond the basic rules of organic production and it is this desire to help enrich the soil and the ecosystem that has driven us forward.

It was also in 2022 that we started building a bakery. Yes, a bakery!! How could we talk about food and not have the best bread in the world to offer you?

And there’s more going on.
Every Saturday we go to the city to sell our products in the Organic Markets of Príncipe Real and Cascais.
We receive groups and schools for visits.
In 11 years we have increased the number of jobs from 4 to 36.

As a result of hard work, dedication, will and stubbornness, we have managed to overcome many obstacles and grow a company that makes us proud every day. Has it been easy? No. Do we feel like it’s been worth it? Yes. And it is a great joy to know that we have led so many families to change their eating habits, to start consuming organic products, to become more aware and concerned about the environment.

It is a family project that would not be possible without the help of all those who work here. We are proud of what is done. And we still have much to do. We work so that the day never comes when we can say “Mission accomplished.”