We strongly believe that:

  • Nature has the best recipes for a long and healthy life.
  • Soil regeneration and agriculture that does not use synthetic chemicals is the only way to a better and more balanced world.
  • Respect for the rhythms of nature should be remembered in the daily gestures of those who work in the field.
  • Only harmonious cooperation with nature can bring lasting results and happy endings.
  • The only way to give back to all our customers the trust they place in us is under no circumstances to forget the principles that guide us.
  • We have an obligation to pass on the baton through example.

We are proud of our work.
We are proud of the outcomes achieved knowing that everything is done without compromise.

Doing right is the best footprint. 

What’s so special about us?

What distinguishes us from a fresh grocery shop or a home delivery company?

First and foremost, we are producers. And we are certified producers in organic production.

Most of the produce we sell, we sow, plant, nurture, care for and harvest.
We suffer when things don’t go well and rejoice when our plants grow healthy.
We know the story of the vegetables that come into your home. We worry about the cold, the frost, the rain, the wind, the excessive heat… external factors over which we have no control. We have to know how to deal with all the setbacks and care for everything, day after day.

We try to give the best food to all our little plants; we know that this is the only way they will grow healthy. As with any other living being, so with plants, it is the resilience they receive through good nutrition that helps them resist disease.
When they do, even so, fall ill, we treat them with natural products. And if by chance the treatment doesn’t work, we don’t use chemicals to save them because after all, plants are not people and they serve to feed people. And if we used chemicals to treat our plants they would resist and serve as food for people, who without knowing, because chemicals have no colour or taste, would ingest them. One day, they would come to realise that those chemicals that made the plant resist, were the same ones that made them sick, because they are people.

And the products that are not produced by us, because we can’t produce them all, either because we don’t have land or climate for them to grow with quality or simply because we don’t have the capacity to focus on more, mostly come from producers that we know well.
And as nothing is perfect we also have to supply ourselves with imported products because unfortunately in Portugal we are not self-sufficient, but also because man still can’t manipulate nature 100% and there are places in the world where we can’t grow… ginger… Thankfully!