We strongly believe that:

  • Nature has the best recipes for a healthy and long life.
  • Organic farming is the only way to a better and more harmonious world.
  • Respect for the rhythms of nature must be remembered in all daily gestures of those working in the field.
  • Only the harmonious cooperation with nature can bring lasting results and happy endings.
  • The only way to give back to all our customers the confidence placed in us is that, in no circumstance, we forget the principles that guides us.
  • We have an obligation to pass the testimony by setting the example.

Doing right is the best footprint. 

What makes us different?

Why are our boxes different? What distinguishes us from a fresh supermarket or a company of home deliveries?

First of all we are growers.

Why are our boxes different? What distinguishes us from a fresh supermarket or a company of home deliveries?

Firstly and foremost we are growers. We are growers in certified organic production.

Most of the products we sell are planted, feeded, tended and harvested by us.
We suffer when our products don’t grow well and we rejoice when we look at the field and see our plants growing healthy.
We know the story of the vegetables that come to your home. We worry about the cold, frost, rain, wind, excessive heat and all the external factors over which we have no control. We have to learn to deal with all the mishaps.
Working with plants and growing them involves daily attention.

We do our best to feed in a healthy way all of our plants, so that they grow strong and have the ability to resist diseases. And if by chance they get sick, we treat them with natural products. And if by chance the treatment doesn’t work, we don’t use chemicals to save them because the plants are not people and moreover they serve to feed people. And if we used chemicals to treat our plants, they would resist and serve as food for people who wouldn’t know about them, because chemicals have no color or flavor. People would eat them and, one day, realize that these chemicals that made the plant resist were the same that hurt them.

If you ask us who we are, we are creators and caretakers of plants and it is with much love that we take to our customers the result of our labor. And fortunately our customers identify themselves with our values and appreciate the way we do things.

And most products that are not ours, because we can’t produce them all, are from suppliers we know by name.

And because nothing is perfect, we also have to be supplied with imported products because, unfortunately, Portugal is still not self-sufficient in organic production and because man still can’t manipulate nature to 100% and there are places in the world where you can’t grow bananas… Fortunately!