The table is set!

There are many Restaurants with a Vegetable Garden but this may be the first Vegetable Garden with a Restaurant. And so it’s obvious that the vegetables in the garden are the kings of our dishes. But that is the story; it was the Vegetable Garden that demanded this ‘Kind of Restaurant’. A mix between a restaurant with a vegetable garden and a friends’ house.

The dedication and care that starts with the planting of each and every one of the little plants grows until it reaches your table.

A meal with friends and family

This is THE place to have a family meal. To celebrate whatever it may be or just because it’s nice to be together. Call us and book a table for your needs. Everyone always fits at our table and, if need be, we can always fit one more.

Opening hours

Temporarily closed. News soon ...



+351 918 740 906 or


Take the opportunity to...
Pay a visit to our vegetable garden (ask for the Guide at the Farm Shop).

Take advantage of the trip to the Farm Shop to stock up on the freshest products from our vegetable garden, and so much more.

Your event at the Farm!

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