Offer one or more Boxes

Offer the best to those you love the most!

There is no better gift in the form of a card.
It’s healthy, it’s tasty, it’s food, it’s seasonal, and mostly local.

Vouchers for 25, 35 or 50 euros

But you can also offer, a voucher for 1 month, for 6 months or even for 1 year of boxes.
Call us or send us an email and we will make the voucher just as you prefer.

Offer one or more meals at the Farm Restaurant

Offer a voucher from 25 euros for lunch at the Farm Restaurant. A meal where the main ingredients are the products of our vegetable garden. It can be for one person, for two or a family. We have no doubt you’ll all like it.

Offer a voucher for a workshop

A voucher for an organic farming workshop, or how to cook vegetables, or learn how to grow and use aromatic herbs…. the themes are endless.

♥ How can you buy?

IF YOU ARE A CLIENT: buy a voucher in our ONLINE SHOP.

IF YOU ARE NOT A CLIENT: Request your voucher by email or +351 917 995 010