Group Lunches and Dinners

At the Farm Restaurant you can have lunches, dinners, birthday parties, commemorative parties, whatever it may be, personalised Workshops… there are plenty of ideas here 🙂

Send us an email or give us a call so that we can talk further.

Special occasions

Special occasions are ‘whenever the man wants’. Pick yours and have the party. We promise to help.

A custom workshop

On how to make a vegetable garden, how to use herbs in the kitchen, how to cook fancy vegetables, how to have a beautiful garden with little maintenance… and so on… tell us the topic and we’ll take care of everything.

Team building

Can there be a better place for team building than a vegetable garden? …if we add a shared meal, we have no doubt that your team will leave with renewed energy!

Work Meetings

During the week, take advantage and bring your team to the field. A meeting in a room full of light, overlooking the vegetable garden and orchards, a garden to relax in during breaks and a meal that allows you to continue working with no hassle.


And if there’s anything to celebrate then this is the right place. During the week we promise exclusive service and time to relax.

Information/Bookings  or +351 918 740 906